Diamond Founder's Club

Diamond’s Founding Members are a unique group of members that are not only investors, but also participate in one or multiple aspect of Diamond’s assets and or operations.

Founding Members including real estate developers, operating partners, and membership service providers. They can be institutions or individuals, and the principals will serve on Diamond’s advisory committee. 

Founding Members will enjoy special privileges and participates in Diamond’s annual board meeting and retreats. Founder’s Club properties and facilities are reserved for the exclusive use of our Founding Members and their guests.

Founding Members also have the first right to all Diamond pre-sales discounts and exit sales including stabilized hotel and commercial properties as well as residential income properties. 

Diamond Equity Club

Diamond Equity Club members are Limited Partners of Diamond Private Investment Fund are participates in the most unique and exclusive ground level development and investment opportunities across the globe.

Equity Members earns profit and equity appreciations of all Club investments and projects as well as rental income and equity appreciations on all properties managed by Diamond’s asset management team.

Equity Members have access to exclusive investment member services and facilities. Enjoy all lifestyle membership benefits and priority access to all Diamond investments and services.

Equity Members have priority to purchase Diamond’s residential real estate and asset offerings and participate in the development and equity value of the Diamond Living Club.

Diamond Equity Members

Diamond Living