Diamond Equity Club

We offer ground level investment opportunities to our Private Equity Club Members to participate in profit sharing for Diamond’s asset acquisitions and developments worldwide. 

Diamond Equity Club members are Limited Liability Members of the Diamond Private Equity Fund.

Diamond Founder's Club

Diamond’s Founding Members are a unique group of members that are not only investors, but also participate in one or multiple aspect of Diamond’s assets and or operations.

Founding Members including real estate developers, operating partners, and membership service providers. They can be institutions or individuals, and the principals who serve on Diamond’s advisory committee.

Diamond Living

Sapphire Destination Club

Sapphire Destination Club is for our lifestyle members who wants access to the most exclusive properties and club facilities in the world reserved only for Diamond Living Members.

Emerald Living Club

Emerald Living Club is for our elder members over 65 years of age who wants to have the optimal, healthy and active retirement lifestyle during their golden years.

Amber Wellness Club 

​Amber Wellness Club Members have access to our exclusive wellness and healthcare facilities, spas, resorts, hotels, ski & golf retreats, private islands, wineries, luxury yachts, planes and exotic cars worldwide.​

Our Lifestyle Memberships

Our Equity Memberships