About the Fund

The Diamond Living Private Investment Fund has been created to make calculated investments in exclusive hotels and resorts and high-end Real Estate developments in key markets across the world.

The Fund is a diversified managed investment fund, investing primarily in Hospitality based Real Estate, high-end real estate development opportunities, some fixed interest opportunities and other associated projects. The Fund focuses on quality and exclusive properties with opportunities for solid and sustained growth. This includes newly established projects, projects seeking expansion capital, selected short-term finance opportunities, and/or companies with fixed growth.

The Fund will primarily focus on the funding and/or development of multiple unique projects in premier locations around the world and to operate or develop those projects into luxury destinations.   The Fund will also capture multiple revenue streams by vertical integration of related businesses including private club memberships, luxury services, health care and wellness programs. 

Diamond Equity Fund

Diamond Living

Investment and Management

Diamond Capital Management (DCM) will manage all aspects of the Fund and is comprised of professionals with strong experience in private equity investing in real estate and hospitality industries. The investment team has the unique ability to create proprietary deal flow and has developed a strong process of evaluating, structuring, and executing potential investments. 

DCM’s strategic management team has well over 200 years of collective experience providing extensive financial expertise in acquisitions, development, investment, operational management, real estate and hospitality assets management.

The Fund will largely focus on opportunities aligned with the Diamond Living Club business streams.  This will include opportunities within the Real Estate and Property Development sector, Medical Centres/Healthcare Facilities as well as Senior Living Communities and facilities and will not be restricted to a particular geographic coverage. It will consider strong opportunities both domestically and abroad in order to encourage a balanced investment mix.